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Therapeutic Massage ~ A gentle and effective way
of relaxing the body and activating
its' natural healing ability


Swedish Massage
The most popular and familiar form of massage, Swedish Massage involves rhythmically applied manual pressure and movement using oil or lotion on the skin with the client lying on a massage table. Swedish Massage provides numerous therapeutic effects. The most widely understood physiological effect of massage is the increase in blood and lymph circulation as a result of both the direct mechanical action of the massage and reflex response to the nerve stimulation. Increased circulation helps both nourish and sustain the body and eliminate wastes and toxins. In addition, Swedish Massage directly promotes physical relaxation, and also promotes mental relaxation.
The privacy of the client is fully assured using draping.

Swedish massage may be done on the whole body (excluding obvious private areas). Therapy can concentrate on difficult areas and/or avoid problems (such as recent skin injuries) as appropriate.

Reflexology uses pressure, applied to reflex areas in the feet or hands, to affect corresponding parts of the body. Reflexologists view the feet and hands as mirror images of the body. Reflexology applied to various of the 72,000 nerve endings in each hand and each foot is believed to reduce tension and improve blood circulation and nerve function in the corresponding organ, gland or body structure, both through physiological means and energetic means.

Reflexology has been known for many thousands of years. It was first practiced by the early Indian, Chinese and Egyptian peoples. Most people who have experienced Reflexology find it beneficial and very relaxing.

Reflexology can be done clothed except for the feet, using either a chair or massage table. A minimal amount of oil or lotion may, at times, be used during the session.

Deep Tissue Massage
Deep Tissue Massage is a treatment available upon request. Many people enjoy a deeper, firmer therapeutic massage, in order to release the toxins within the muscle tissue. Many find this type of massage to be more therapeutic and beneficial.

Sciatic Pain / Low Back Pain Relief
Lower Back and Sciatic Nerve problems are unfortunately common in our society today. Regular massage therapy sessions can significantly reduce the pain incurred with these afflictions.

Stress Relief / Relaxation
One of the most important aspects of life we all tend to overlook during our busy lives is our own peace of mind. Massage has been clinically proven to: lower blood pressure, help reduce muscular tension and anxiety, renew and restore energy.

Hot Stone Massage
Heated smooth oval shaped basalt stones are combined with soothing Swedish massage strokes to produce a profoundly relaxing massage. The heat of the stones penetrates deep into the muscles making it possible to give a deep massage with very little pressure. This technique eases you into a state of deep relaxation, releasing stress and anxiety, detoxifying the body, and balancing the nervous system.

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